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With the anticipation that sports occur, and having no district transportation this year, we must do our due diligence and ensure we are compliant with transporting athletes in personal auto's.

It takes 30 days to process and get on the transportation list and must be done annually; it does not roll over. So, I am asking that ALL parents/guardians complete and submit the following



If you are not a parent and/or guardian but would like to transport athletes, you will still need to complete all the following by the designated dates.


Complete the attached personal auto form ALONG with:

-A copy of your driver's license

-Insurance Dec page showing liability coverage

-Fingerprints (done at WJUSD office, NOT the high school)

-TB Test



Once you have all the above completed (5 items total) please send them directly to me and I will pass them on to the next step.

Send to annika.lohman@yahoo.com

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